Rep. Stevens Votes for HR 1, the For the People Act

March 3, 2021
Press Release
HR 1 is a sweeping reform bill aimed at reducing the harmful effects of big money in American elections and reducing corruption all branches of government

WASHINGTON - Tonight, Rep. Haley Stevens voted for HR 1, the For the People Act, a top priority of House Democrats in the 117th Congress which passed in the House and will soon be sent to the Senate. 

“I am hopeful that The For The People Act will revitalize our democracy by combatting the dominant influence of big money in politics, expanding voting rights, and strengthening ethics laws to combat the culture of corruption in Washington,” said Congresswoman Haley Stevens. “After four years of corruption and blatant disregard for ethics laws in the Executive Branch and the horrific events on January 6th, this legislation is more important than ever before. Congress must ensure that every American has a say in our political system, which will go a long way toward restoring faith and trust in government.”

The For the People Act will:

  • Create automatic voter registration across the country 
  • Expand early and absentee voting and streamline the vote-by-mail process
  • Enhance and strengthen election security 
  • Ban foreign money in American elections 
  • Strengthen and expand disclosure requirements for political advertising 
  • Bolster ethics laws across all branches of government  

Congresswoman Stevens was a supporter of this legislation when it first passed the House in 2019 and is a cosponsor.